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3 Australian Health and Wellness Retreats for 2023

Do you want to prioritise your health and wellness in 2022? Here at Karma Being, we have the inside track on Australia’s best health and wellness retreats. From coastal enclaves to an ancient rainforest in Queensland’s north, here are three incredible health retreats offering luxury, wellness practices and stunning nature.   1. Daintree Ecolodge Retreat

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Retreat to These Beautiful Meditation Spots in Queensland

Meditation retreats in Queensland have only grown in popularity with the new trend towards focusing on our mental and physical wellness. Meditation has long been associated with numerous benefits, including improved self-awareness, patience, stress levels and creativity. Are you looking for a magical place for meditation in Queensland? Check out these five incredible destinations that

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10 Ways to Stay Sane

How many balls do you have in the air right now? Work, family commitments, bills… we juggle so much every single day it’s no wonder depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide with more than 300 million people suffering globally. So how can we cope? Click here for some practical tools to keep you sane in this crazy world…

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4 Steps to Happiness

Do you think you have enough? I’ll let you in on a little secret about feeling abundant in your life, if you think you have enough then you do. Simple right, step 1 will unlock this superpower…

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This free 10min meditation will bring you into a deep state of peace by calming your body and mind. Use it for a quick everyday reset, to get to sleep or to overcome feelings of anxiety & overwhelm.