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Are you frustrated that your life doesn’t reflect the wisdom you possess? Imagine if your dreams became reality – what would that mean for you?


The reason life doesn’t always reflect your wisdom, or your goals end up on the scrap heap, is because the subconscious mind rules 95% of our behaviours! And what’s more, most of these subconscious programs came from your parents and experiences before the age of 8.


Epigeneticist Bruce Lipton is renowned for his groundbreaking research revealing the profound influence our beliefs have on our biology and, ultimately, our lives. Through his seminal work, “The Biology of Belief,” Lipton offers a revolutionary perspective that empowers us to understand the extraordinary power of our thoughts and beliefs. But understanding it just isn’t enough! How many self help books have you read, yet no matter how much you try, nothing changes?


Here’s why.. At its core, the Biology of Belief suggests that our beliefs are not merely passive constructs but active agents that shape our reality. This means that the thoughts we harbour, the beliefs we hold, and the attitudes we adopt play a significant role in determining the course of our lives.


Consider this: do the outdated  beliefs of your parents ever come into your mind as you move through life?… here are some common ones,

‘”Money doesn’t grow on trees”

“You have to work hard to be successful.”

“Boys don’t cry.”

“Be seen and not heard”

“Good girls don’t …”

“You should always put others’ needs before your own.”

“Failure is not an option.”

“You have to go to university  to get a good job.”

“You’re not good enough.”

“You’re not good at ….”

“things get worse as you age”

“Life is hard, and you have to toughen up.”


How do your subconscious beliefs from childhood influence your life now ?…


What if you could re-programme the outdated beliefs that derail you?


Your life could change, because as Mahatma Gandhi said, and the research has found:

⭐ Your BELIEFS become your THOUGHTS

⭐ Your THOUGHTS become your  WORDS

⭐ Your WORDS become your ACTIONS

⭐ Your ACTIONS become your HABITS

⭐Your HABITS become your VALUES

⭐Your VALUES become your DESTINY


The good news is, Bruce Lipton’s work goes beyond the lab. One practical tool he champions is PSYCH-K®, a method rooted in neuroscience and subconscious rewiring. It allows us to swiftly shift our beliefs and perceptions, empowering us to tackle challenges, reduce stress, enhance relationships, and achieve our goals with clarity.


Would you like to experience the power of PSYCH-K® firsthand?   Whether you’re striving for optimal health, better relationships, a more fulfilling career, prosperity, better self-esteem or to overcome stress, trauma, phobias, grief or to change your habits,  PSYCH-K® can help you make rapid progress. Book in now and experience the transformative techniques of PSYCH-K® for yourself.


Don’t miss out – Book your session now and unlock your true potential!

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Yours in health and happiness,

Emily x



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