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Things To Do in Tasmania

Tasmania is not only the home of mouth-watering cheese and actual seasons, but also has more than a few incredible things to see, taste and do. We’ve compiled a list of the top things to do in Tasmania, whether you’re a foodie or fitness fanatic.  Yoga, Wine and Wilderness Retreat   Getaway on a 4

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Couples Health and Wellness Retreats

Modern life can be relentless. Right now is a great time to slow down and enjoy yourself. Bringing your significant other to a wellness retreat is not only beneficial for you, it’s beneficial for your relationship. The experience may even breathe new life into your relationship with your partner and bring you that little bit

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Guide to Choosing the Best Wellness Retreat

It can be difficult choosing the right wellness retreat for you. There are just so many out there! That’s why I’ve created this quick and easy guide to wellness retreats to help make your process a little simpler. All you need to do is think about who you’re going with, where you want to go

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This free 10min meditation will bring you into a deep state of peace by calming your body and mind. Use it for a quick everyday reset, to get to sleep or to overcome feelings of anxiety & overwhelm.