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Emily Spurling - Speaker

Would you like to enhance employee happiness, health & productivity? Engage renowned Mind-Body Coach Emily Spurling to deliver scientifically proven, holistic wellbeing practices, live or online. Emily is the ultimate webinar host or facilitator of guided programs and corporate retreats. A celebrated author, Emily can also create custom written, audio and broadcast quality video content to suit your needs.

Emily Spurling is a renowned mind-body coach who facilitates transformational well-being retreats around the world and presents scientifically proven wellbeing strategies from the heart, to corporations in-person and online.

With over a decade of experience in accelerating positive change in her clients, Emily draws on her holistic toolbox of mindfulness, yoga, breath work and nutrition to educate and empower individuals to thrive, physically mentally and emotionally.

Emily is a wellbeing content creator and documentary film-maker, she is recognised as an expert in her field and has garnered significant international acclaim from her audiences on the world’s largest wellbeing streaming platforms, Gaia and DailyOm.

Emily Spurling

Topics Emily presents

Overcoming Anxiety, The Ultimate Guide

Sleep: How to Get More & Live Longer

Simple Strategies to Conquer Stress

Thrive with Ancient Health Rituals in a Modern World

Mindfulness Strategies to Excel at Work and in Life

Meditation – A Beginners Guide to Success

Breathing Techniques for Health, Peace & Productivity

Bio-Hacks for Longevity

Creating Healthy Habits for a Long & Happy Life

How to Create your Ultimate Destiny

Intuitive Eating & Why you Should Avoid the Latest Fads

Nutrition Essentials

The Yogi Cleanse – Mind, Body & Soul

Yoga for Every Body

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