Karma Being


“Emily, your yoga was so powerful and enlightening. You have set me on a new yogi path and I feel so much more connected and mindful since the weekend. You taught me some valuable things that I will now carry with me and use every day. My life is enhanced for the time I have spent in your company. Thank you so much. I am so fortunate to have found you.”

Rachel, QLD

“It feels so good to give the body and mind a detox. You certainly come back refreshed with the Ayurvedic food, massages, also meeting new friends and plenty of yoga . Looking forward to the next retreat!”

Sue, QLD, Australia

“Its the best decision I have ever made!!! I knew I already cared about myself and my health, but this retreat just put it all into perspective and encouraged me to take the skills I learnt home. Allowing yourself time to stop and take it all in with beautiful people was also a bonus!”

Haylee, QLD, Australia

“It changed my life forever, the lifestyle, the eating habbits, the way I look at everything and the dramatic weight loss. I just love it and I will keep on going to these Retreats.”

Lyn , Queensland

“I have enjoyed it immensely and would definitely do another retreat. I have taken away new friendships and experiences. This retreat will remain in my mind for a long time”

Sue , UK

“Very fulfilling - One of the most relaxing breaks I have every had! I'm also taking away new opportunities for a change of lifestyle which is much needed.”

Pat, UK

“The Karma Being team are extremely friendly and very helpful for a beginner. I am leaving this retreat in a more balanced state of mind with less stress and worries.”

Helen, QLD

“This week is the best thing I've done for my health and wellbeing for many years. It will benefit my family too!”

Emma, NSW

“I loved trying the different disciplines, the teachers explained it all in such simple terms it made each class a pleasure”

Gail, QLD

“Very rewarding and memorable, I will take away nice friendships and calmness. Don't sweat the small stuff!”

Susan, QLD

“I absolutely loved the Bali and Thailand retreats and would love to come on another, I love Karma Being Retreats!”

Deb, QLD

“I am full of gratitude to every Karma Being team member, I have experienced things this week that will be with me along my journey of life. Thank you for an enlightening 7 days”

Karyn, QLD

“I feel I've been reset and re-invigorated, physically and mentally. The Karma Being Team were freindly and accessible, they presented new concepts in a way that was comfortable and supportive and invited us on a journey more than just instructing.”

Lyn, QLD

“Best thing I have ever done! Wonderful people, teachings, I am going home renewed with a positive, happy new lease on my life! Thank you, awesome!”

Bec, QLD

“A wonderful experience, a relaxing and spiritual time. A professional team who nurtured the group physically and spiritually. Very well organised with a great balance of activities, group time and private time .”




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