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Thai Yoga Massage - Tarot Readings - PSYCH-K® - Holistic Health Coaching

Thai Yoga Massage, PSYCH-K®, Tarot and Health Coaching Gift Vouchers available.  Redeemable either in the comfort of your giftee’s home on the Sunshine Coast (Servicing Maroochydore & Surrounding suburbs), or in the serenity of our home practice, an oasis nestled in Buderim, where lush forest surrounds and the soothing sounds of nature await.

Price List

Thai-Yoga Massage

$100 Buderim Studio

 $110 Mobile Service

1 Hour. Embark on a healing journey with Thai Yoga Massage, a harmonious blend of yoga, massage, kung fu, and acupressure. Experience the graceful choreography of this ancient healing art, performed fully clothed on a comfortable floor mat.


 $110 Buderim Studio

 $120 Mobile Service


1 Hour PSYCH-K® is a transformative modality that utilises principles of neuroscience and subconscious reprogramming to facilitate rapid and profound change in beliefs and perceptions. Through a series of techniques, including muscle testing and specific protocols, PSYCH-K® enables individuals to rewrite subconscious beliefs that may be limiting or sabotaging their goals and wellbeing. By aligning the subconscious mind with conscious intentions, PSYCH-K® empowers individuals to overcome obstacles, alleviate stress, improve relationships, and achieve personal and professional success with greater ease and clarity.

Tarot Reading

$60  Buderim or Online

 $70  Mobile Service


Step into the realm of intuition and insight with our transformative Tarot reading sessions. Unlock hidden wisdom, gain clarity, and navigate life’s uncertainties with guidance and empowerment of tarot.

Holistic-Health Coaching

 $130  Buderim or Online


Coaching  helps you fast track your goals by helping you to overcome  obstacles and empower you with proven strategies for success.  Coaching is a pro-active method where together we will draw on your strengths, to craft practical steps that you’ll take towards your desired outcome. Book your online session today.

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